Privacy Policy

1.1 It is one of basic systems of Renqing Excellent to protect users’ privacy and personal data. Renqing Excellent will take various measures, such as setting up systems, security technologies and procedures, to protect users’ privacy and personal data from the unauthorized access, use or disclosure, and will not disclose the individual users’ registration data and the information that the users store on the website and related clients when using Renqing Service to a third party or use the said information for any illegal purpose, except that: (1) the user’s authorization is obtained in advance; (2) the disclosure or use is required by relevant laws and regulations or relevant judicial organs, administrative organs and other national government authorities; (3) the said disclosure or use is to protect the interests of the public; (4) the said disclosure or use is a must to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Renqing Excellent because the user infringes the legitimate rights and interests of Renqing Excellent under the Agreement; (5) Renqing Excellent discloses the information to its cooperative units for the performance of the Agreement; (6) Renqing Excellent needs to change the operator of this application service upon the completion of merger, division, acquisition or asset transfer; (7) the user’s personal information is disclosed due to hacker attack, computer virus invasion or force majeure; (8) the said disclosure or use complies with other situations regulated by laws and regulations. 

1.2 You agree to authorize Renqing Excellent to collect, store, transmit, analyze and use your personal information provided by you or collected by Renqing Excellent through other legitimate channels. The information includes but not limited to:

(1)  Personal identity information: such as name, gender, age, date of birth, certificate type, certificate number, mobile phone number, contact address, e-mail, other personal information required to provide for account registration, etc;

(2) Financial information: During the use of the website or mobile application, you may provide information related to the purchase of goods or services, such as bank account number, name of bank account holder, credit card number, etc;

(3) Social information: During the use of the website or client social services (if any), you may provide information related to your social activities, such as career information, education background and other information that you choose to fill in;

(4) The information related and specified to you by the third party service provider, such as the advertising ID assigned by the third party service provider;

(5) SIM card and information related to your device: such as IMEI number, IMSI number, MAC address, serial number, MIUI version and type, Android version, Android ID, screen display information, device input information, device manufacturer and model name, network operator, connection type, hardware and other relevant information (such as power consumption, device temperature);

(6) Application information: the information related to your application use, such as application list, application status record (download, installation, updating, deletion), application ID, SDK version, system updating settings, web browsing and use records and traces;

(7) Location information: if you use services related to location, you may provide various information related to your location, such as region, country code, city code, mobile network code, mobile country code, community identity, longitude and latitude information, time zone settings and language settings;

(8) Login information: the information related to your use of certain functions, applications and websites, such as Cookies and other anonymous identifier technologies, IP addresses, network requests, temporary message history, standard system logs, error crash information;

(9) Other types of information we may also collect: the information is not directly or indirectly related to individuals, but is clustered, anonymous or unrecognized. For example, when using a specific service, the user’s device model number and system version number may be collected, but the purpose thereof is to improve the services we provide to you. The type and amount of information collected depends on how you use,  join, or participate in our products and / or services.

1.3 For providing a better user experience, you shall know and agree that we may recommend the products, services and activities provided by Renqing Excellent and its partners to you through the website page, account, the communication method you provide and other channels based on your purchase history, website browsing history, birthday, age, gender and geographical location. As for the advertisements and messages that we push by e-mail, if you no longer want to receive them, you can cancel the promotion service by clicking the link of “subscription cancellation” at the bottom of the email. 

1.4 Some services (which may include but not limited to processing orders, delivering parcels, sending emails or SMS, making payment, advertising and marketing service, etc.) provided by Renqing Excellent to you may be provided or jointly provided by the related parties or partners of Renqing Excellent, for which, you authorize Renqing Excellent to share your relevant information mentioned above with such related parties or partners.

1.5 Renqing Excellent will not bear any responsibility for your information disclosure caused by the third party service provider, Renqing product carrier or other third parties, but will surely cooperate with you to investigate the responsibility of relevant entities.